Whitepoint as a Content Management Solution

5/13/16 Update: The potential applications for Whitepoint as a content management solution in various environments are continually evolving. Be sure to search our blog for “content management” to discover more.

Once Whitepoint’s authoring platform went live, we received interest from various groups looking to manage content – from walking tours of communities to campus tours. We’d love to hear about your ideas and applications too!

It is easy to think of Whitepoint as simply a virtual touring technology, but in fact, it is just as much a content management tool as it is a virtual tour solution.

Yes, that’s right. Here’s just one way: The Whitepoint framework can act as a content management solution specifically for sales and marketing of retail products. And, in doing so, it will tailor product tour and related support material across iOS, Android, and desktop web shopping experiences simultaneously.

Content Management Solution . . . How?

With a product or even a real estate property for example, you generate a lot of content – pictures, text, links, and jumping off points for further engagement. That’s a lot to manage. Whitepoint helps you organize that visually and in a way that keeps that content being put to good use. Still not sure how? Here’s more on Whitepoint as a content management system for smarter virtual tours with some nitty gritty details such as storage requirements and more.

Convenient Content Updates

In fact, using the Whitepoint framework, you can update content across multiple online retail sites at once. That’s a huge advantage when maintaining product walkthroughs, tours, and how-to documentation.

We’ll be sharing some examples of all of this in the near future. Keep an eye on our blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts. And, be sure to take a look at our Featured Scapes and tours for mobile while you’re at it.

Still have questions? Just reach out below.

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