3 Ways Your Web Agency Can Make Money With Whitepoint

Is your web agency or online marketing business looking to expand its revenue streams? If so, great! And, if not . . . you should be.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can drive revenue with Whitepoint depending on the revenue goals and business model of your specific web agency. We’re sharing a few of them here based on recent conversations and questions from businesses like yours.

The Key Is Flexibility for Your Web Agency

As you may already know, we offer free plans for anyone to build smarter virtual tours of places and things. As a web agency, your value is the ability to generate and maintain useful content, and that’s what your clients demand from you.

The Whitepoint platform is designed with maximum flexibility in mind. That means you as a web agency can deliver content in a number of ways, as you’ll see below.

We provide the platform to help manage and structure both the content itself plus its delivery.

And, you? You get to focus on delighting your clients.

#1 – Deliver a Custom Tour App At a Fraction of the Cost

Just turn the key - opportunity for your web agencyWe offer the ability to deliver custom iOS and Android apps that deliver a customized smarter tour experience utilizing the Whitepoint platform and tour logic. You get immediate access to the back end, administrative, and CMS style infrastructure that helps you design, manage, update, and deliver that smarter content.

This means greater, ongoing revenue opportunities for your web agency. Interested? Reach out.

#2 – Offer a Custom Tour App That Integrates Multiple Client Accounts

Just turn the key - 2 of 3 opportunities for a web agencyDo you have an existing or prospective client such as a cultural district, real estate development, tourism bureau, or region? Or, do you see an opportunity to create one?

Whitepoint can be used to provide an app-based smarter virtual or walking tour of the area. Accounts – such as restaurants, museums, and retail shops – pay to be included as stops along the tour either as scenes or whitepoints.

And guess what? Each of those stops – whether restaurant, museum, or shop – are candidates for their own Whitepoint scapes too. Sound good? Let us know how we can help.

#3 – Manage Whitepoint Scapes For Customers

Just turn the key - 3 of 3 opportunities for a web agencyIf you or your customer aren’t feeling the whole custom app thing, you and your clients can leverage Whitepoint’s free iOS and Android apps to deliver smarter virtual and walking tours. You’ll want either our Pro or Premier authoring subscription plan for your client.

From there, you design, manage, and update content to your client’s wishes. We’re here to help your web agency leverage this opportunity.

Finally, Whitepoint Makes It Even More Profitable For Your Web Agency

As a web agency, you qualify for our Virtual Tour Partner Program which offers deep discounts to you . . . just for being an agency.

Need help or more ideas? Got questions about a particular job? We want to hear from you – reach out today.

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