ScapeViewer and Browser Compatibility

We’re getting great results with ScapeViewer ™ in the latest browser versions. Previously, there were problems in older browsers, specifically Internet Explorer 8 and below.

Now, we have confirmed compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 – it isn’t our preferred experience, but it definitely works. If you have experienced trouble, we recommend that you update your browser. ScapeViewer makes extensive use of HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities for the intended experience, and these features are available in the latest browsers.

If you’re locked into an older version of Internet Explorer and are unable to update, we recommend downloading the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

The following are definitely supporting ScapeViewer, and we’ll update this list as reports become available.

Internet Explorer 8 and above (Windows).

Safari 5 and above (Mac).

Chrome 25 and up (Windows / Mac).

Firefox 19 and up (Mac).

Firefox 3.6.28 and up (Windows).

Have you had a negative experience browsing with ScapeViewer? If so, let us know. Just email support {at} or comment here.

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Important Android and iOS Updates This Week

You’ll now want to update your apps to at least 1.6 on Android and 1.2 on iOS. There is one critical update to database connectivity and some slight UI improvements posted this week.

Both are now available in their respective stores: Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Also be sure to check out this week’s ScapeViewer announcement – so many exciting developments in process and on the way.

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JPEGs Versus PNGs as Whitepoint Images

Based on testing of PNG images used in authoring whitepoint images, we can recommend that you instead use JPEGs.

Here’s why: Because there are different opacities and transparencies at work in the display of whitepoints, there is no guarantee that PNGs will display as desired. We’ve seen  transparencies display as black, and greys do really weird things. Add to the equation rendering of the images across different mobile devices, and you’re better off going with JPEGs.

The same goes with GIFs – watch those transparencies. If you’re authoring and seeing strange behavior in the whitepoint image displays, try GIFs or PNGs without transparency if it is a logo or the image has a limited range of color. For more detailed photos – such as landscapes – use JPEG.

Nothing against PNGs. They’re great – just not always the best for whitepoint images.

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Whitepoint 1.3 (Rush) Now Available in Play

9/25/14 Update: Since this post, our Android app has been updated repeatedly, including substantive performance improvements. Please search and download the latest version today in the Google Play Store.

We made several recent updates to address issues and make improvements here and there. While this isn’t a major release, be sure to update the app for your Android device.
There are specific improvements in the areas of back button capability as well as orientation. Some upcoming features are still “previewed” – look for improvements in a major release soon!

We’re still limiting compatibility to certain flavors of Android as we continue to ensure that we’re providing the best experience we can. If you have any thoughts on the release, please share them. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey Why Are Options on the Main Screen Greyed Out?

9/25/14 Update: As of 2013, the below issue is no longer a concern. As mentioned in other posts, our Android app has been updated repeatedly, including substantial layout and performance improvements. You can download it today in the Google Play Store.

Don’t worry, it’s not you  . . . Those options are greyed out in the first release of Whitepoint (Rush Edition) to provide a preview of future functionality available in Whitepoint. Those features among others will be available soon!

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Whitepoint 1.0 is Available on Play!

9/25/14 Update: Since this post, our Android app has been updated repeatedly, including substantial layout and performance improvements. Download it today in the Google Play Store.

Whitepoint is now available for Android.

This first release of the Whitepoint app provides a very basic foundation for the functionality. You’ll see the start of a few first scapes in this release by clicking on the “View” option from the main screen.

And, you’ll see just a hint of the functionality that is on the way in this unique new tool. There are three options on the main screen currently greyed out that will be unlocked soon. Also, the whitepoint displays still look a little sparse. Rest assured, more is on the way.

We’re excited about where this app is going – if you have trouble in this first version or spot what you think is a bug, just let us know by emailing support {at}
Soon, we’ll release authoring to the public so you can begin building scapes of your own. Look for announcements soon. Then, you’ll be able to . . . wait for it . . . Whitepoint Your World. ™ !

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