Building a Free Custom Tour App with Whitepoint

Everybody wants their own custom app. What few realize is that beyond the substantial upfront expense, you now have ongoing expenses, tour app updates, and you’ve got to drive traffic to that app as well – just like a web site.

And for most, driving traffic to a web site is a tough enough challenge.

So Many Custom Apps, So Little Time

Before we get into how Whitepoint offers free custom tour app capability to almost anyone, let’s clear the air on one topic: There are already a lot of apps out there.

Custom tour app for a village view

You bring a unique perspective and viewpoint to your subject – whether it’s a town, a school, an exhibition, or a piece of real estate. A custom tour helps you communicate that perspective.

Launching another tour app means taking on more marketing duties to push that app. Jeremy Olson details the uphill challenges in a great Smashing Magazine article on app marketing.

Save yourself some of that trouble. Whitepoint has designed its tour app building platform so that you can focus more on the content generation for the tour, than developing, packaging, and getting people to download yet another app.

Leverage an Already Existing Free App

As a result, when you build a tour using Whitepoint, you’re not generating another new app – your tour (called a scape) is immediately available via iOS and Android from the free Whitepoint app.

Yes, people will have to download the Whitepoint app to access your tour, but you’re already starting out with several advantages including an existing user base on a tested tour app technology.

This also means that people won’t technically be downloading your standalone custom app – instead, they’ll be viewing your own custom Whitepoint scape. If you have a physical location, we even have nifty stickers that you can use claiming your location as a Whitepoint site and providing the QR code for download. And, that’s one more thing you won’t have to do.

But Wait, There’s More (To this App)

Your scape is also simultaneously available to desktop Web surfers with our ScapeViewer ™ technology. That means that with a simple snippet of code on your web site, you can link the same tour that your app users are taking. No app download necessary.

This also means that you’re immediately synching content delivered via iOS, Android, and desktop browsers at one time and in one place: at the Whitepoint Authoring Panel. And, yes, that’s right – you’re not updating content for three different platforms separately.

So, How Do You Get Tour App Capability for Free?

For most, Basic Authoring is more than enough capability. If additional capabilities are needed – including custom branding opportunities – there are options with expanded features for that. Get started with Whitepoint right now.

For your visitors or tour users, the Whitepoint app download is free.

And, how do you start building your scape? Take a look at our YouTube video on beginning authoring. In short, it involves little more than building a Facebook profile, adding pictures, and tagging them.

A Real World Example: The Arts Community

There are a number applications for Whitepoint across countless industries. For example, let’s look at the arts:

Odds are that you’ve thought of a similar application given the above examples: How about real estate tours? Office tours? Medical office tours?

And, once you have your scape built, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of driving your business. We’ve studied a few innovative ideas for content delivery using Whitepoint, including Google TV and tour kiosks. You can also save your scape to dedicated tablets which visitors use to access the tour app onsite.

This is all fun stuff – and it’s a lot cheaper and less time consuming than taking off with your own custom app development project. Got ideas or comments? Just send them to us below or by Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. We’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, happy #whitepointing.

Updated March 28, 2016.

Matthew White

Matthew White blogs on all things related to virtual tours, mobile touring, and tour apps as well as how they relate to web design, SEO, and content marketing. There is also of course helpful information on using Whitepoint - the framework for smarter virtual touring and mobile-friendly tours.

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A Helpful Guide to the Art Basel Miami Week Fairs (With Tips!)

It’s that time of year again – Art Basel arrives in Miami along with all the excitement and satellite art fairs. For first time visitors, the whole experience is overwhelming enough.

Miami art fair guide screenshot of fairs in Wynwood.

Screenshot from the Whitepoint guide to Miami art fairs.

And, often a reliable guide to all of the fairs can be difficult to find.

We’ve prepared a Whitepoint guide to where fairs are concentrated – you can view it via the link below or download our Android app and search “Miami Art Fairs.”

Some Art Fair Tips (Especially for First Time Visitors)

  • Don’t think that you can see it all the art or even all of the art fairs. You won’t be able to. Focus on a few areas of interest or geographical areas and work from there. Our guide is helpful for planning it out.
  • Pace yourself. Take a break in the afternoon. There are evening events – lots of them. And, you never know when you’ll get sucked into one. Besides, you can quickly get a headache from all of the art if you start in the morning.
  • Pick up cards and handouts. You won’t remember all of the art and people you think you’ll remember.
  • Bring something along to carry those cards and handouts. You can quickly accumulate a lot of art related stuff at the fairs. Bring a bag – nothing is worse than having to go back and do a hotel drop.
  • Plan your stops (but not too much). Fairs are concentrated in South Beach / Miami Beach and also in Wynwood. Our guide to the fairs has them broken down by geographic area, and that can help you plan. But remember to include plenty of buffer and relaxation time. After all, you are at or near the beach.
  • Enjoy. Don’t stress. With all the people, visual stimulation, and points of interest among the art fairs, it is easy to get stressed. Take time and enjoy what you do see. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the fantastic South Beach cuisine as well.

And The Link to the Whitepoint Tour / Guide . . .

Is your fair not yet listed? Let us know . . . email

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