Swipe and Save Scapes with Whitepoint

Well, here it is! Android users, download it. Whitepoint Fly (2.0) and later features:

  • Swiping through scapes
  • Save scapes for viewing
  • Thumbnails on scape listings, with description display
  • Huge performance enhancements across the board – including faster download and display
  • A much smaller app footprint

The swiping advantage is obvious of course, as are the performance and interface improvements. So, what about saving scapes?

Saving Smart Tours in Whitepoint

By saving (downloading) a scape ahead of time, you can view the scape if you are offline later. Authors and scape owners, this is perfect for situations where you want to provide tablets or kiosks for exhibitions or retail stores, for example.

Users, it is perfect for situations where you’re not sure you’ll have connectivity, or you know that web traffic will be too demanding.

And, it helps if you want to save your mobile data plan usage and download the scape while on wifi. Then, just view it later.

Happy #whitepointing. Download Whitepoint Fly for Android today.

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