ScapeViewer and Browser Compatibility

We’re getting great results with ScapeViewer ™ in the latest browser versions. Previously, there were problems in older browsers, specifically Internet Explorer 8 and below.

Now, we have confirmed compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 – it isn’t our preferred experience, but it definitely works. If you have experienced trouble, we recommend that you update your browser. ScapeViewer makes extensive use of HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities for the intended experience, and these features are available in the latest browsers.

If you’re locked into an older version of Internet Explorer and are unable to update, we recommend downloading the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

The following are definitely supporting ScapeViewer, and we’ll update this list as reports become available.

Internet Explorer 8 and above (Windows).

Safari 5 and above (Mac).

Chrome 25 and up (Windows / Mac).

Firefox 19 and up (Mac).

Firefox 3.6.28 and up (Windows).

Have you had a negative experience browsing with ScapeViewer? If so, let us know. Just email support {at} or comment here.

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