Point of View vs Map View Perspectives in Scapes

A key part of the Whitepoint platform’s flexibility is that you can structure scape presentations as you see fit. Different environments naturally call for different perspectives in the design of scapes.

The two main types of perspectives are best described as 1) point of view or 2) map view.

Point of View

The point of view perspective is best when you wish to capture the feel of a walk through a space, such as a real estate tour or self-guided museum tour. By using the point of view perspective, you’re able to simulate the experience and call out points of interest as whitepoints.

Take a look at this example of a past exhibit at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center from a point of view perspective:

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The other perspective – map view – works when you want to provide a view from above or an overview covering a large distance. You can break down maps of spaces such as a college campus or an entire geographic region into scenes, then call out points of interest within those scenes using whitepoints.

Map View

In the map view perspective, you may want scenes to represent different portions of the region, such as Brooklyn being a borough of New York City.

Or, you may want scenes to represent different “layers” or “views.” In a scape of a particular city, one scene could display whitepoints representing all the skating rinks located there. In the next scene, the same map image¬†could reflect your favorite ice cream shops – mapped as whitepoints –¬†in that city.

In this example displaying art events during the week of Art Basel Miami in 2012, the map view perspective breaks the city down into regions or districts as scenes:

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The sky is the limit in designing scapes. And that provides another good example – if you wanted to whitepoint stars and constellations, you could photograph from the perspective of a particular place and time (point of view). Or, for a presentation, you might want to provide an overview illustration of the constellations and call out specific points of interest (map view).

You could say that it’s all about perspective. Happy #whitepointing.

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