Password Protection for Mobile Tours Now Available

Ever thought about offering a tour for mobile devices that only certain people can access? Maybe guests, visitors, or employees? No problem.

Password protection for mobile tours and desktop tour access is now available to Whitepoint Pro and Premier Authoring Accounts.

Examples of Password Protected Tour Scenarios

For example, this is helpful when you’re using Whitepoint access as a perk to ticketholders for an exhibit. In an exhibition environment, you may want a separate scape – our term for “tour” – for those who have paid admission. This might replace an audio guide, for instance.

Golden Gate Bridge - Screenshot from a Whitepoint Tour

If you were providing a walking tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, you might want to offer mobile tour access to ticketholders only.

In a training scenario, you may want trainees to have access to material that the public can’t see or access. Password protection for your kitchen tour or retail shelving training presentation is a perfect fit.

Currently, the capability is available in the Whitepoint Android app and for the ScapeViewer – tours that are accessible to desktop or laptop computer users. Password protected access to scapes will soon be available in the iOS app.

Your Tour Secrets Are Safe

And, don’t forget: For Premier Authors, scapes can be listed as public, private, or super private – depending on your desired level of secrecy.

  • Public – Scapes, or tours, that are listed as public are available for searching.
  • Private – Scapes, or tours,┬áthat are listed as private can be discovered by search but not accessed without the password.
  • Super Private – Scapes, or tours, that are listed as super private can not be discovered by search and also require a password.

This means your password protected scape could be used in a public facing scenario or for internal use only. Whether guest, visitor, or employee, they can access the scape by mobile device or desktop computer. For added security, you may even want to consider a DIY kiosk. Or, issue standard tablets or iPads for specific uses.

Haven’t built a scape yet? Get started today.

Updated July 18, 2016.

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