Paper Hotel Maps . . . Really?

Despite the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and iPads, paper maps aren’t going anywhere. That’s fine. They’re nice to have when you’ve lost your phone, it isn’t charged, or you don’t have connectivity. But nothing surprises us more here at Whitepoint than the ubiquitous paper resort or hotel map.

Check in to even the plushest of hotels or resorts, and you’ll likely be given a paper map of the property. Sometimes, this map may even be photocopied, because the front desk ran out of the color maps. Front desk staff may proceed to draw or highlight all over your hotel map to show you the spa or the location of the closest ice machine.

There is an alternative to paper resort and hotel maps.

This paper resort map belongs to a large hotel chain who will remain nameless.

On tropical properties, you will need several copies of this map, because your first resort map has been folded in your pocket while walking all day in 99% humidity.

We could go on for hours with this, but there are some points that can benefit the hospitality industry.

Hotel Map Kiosks

Hotel and resort properties that include kiosks make a very positive impression on road weary guests and can make a big impression on specific demographics. The Aloft Hotels brand comes to mind.

A kiosk style installation can of course be expensive. It may also be overkill for many properties. Still, it can at least give a brand street cred with tech business travelers and undo some of the harm done with that photocopied hotel map.

Dual Duty for Resort and Hotel Maps

An interactive hotel map can help visitors navigate while encouraging new business as well. Providing compelling images of the property with meaningful data points – not just a virtual tour – helps guests navigate and potential guests better envision the property.

It also helps property management position the brand in visitors’ minds by showcasing it consistently. What was once a necessary evil – the paper hotel map – becomes a more powerful marketing opportunity.

A Whitepoint Hotel Map

Given the above, Whitepoint is a perfect framework for building an interactive resort or hotel map. Here are a few reasons why:

Yes, we’re still going to have paper maps for a while. But, maybe the above can help create a more meaningful experience for at least some resort and hotel guests.

Did I mention the bit about washing clothes upon return from a trip, and you’ve left the hotel map in your back pocket? Not fun.

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