Link To Your Whitepoint Online Gallery or Tour

If you’ve built a Whitepoint scape – whether an online gallery or photo tour – it’s available for mobile viewing using the free Whitepoint app. But, why not enable desktop users to access it also? Linking to a scape from your web site can help build more valuable, photo rich content and attract new eyes.

Previously, we provided a simple JavaScript for doing just that, but this JavaScript will enable you to link to multiple scapes from a web site.

First, determine your online gallery or photo tour’s scape ID.

A Whitepoint Online Gallery and Tour

Here’s a free graphic for use in driving traffic to your Whitepoint online gallery or tour. Just download and own it today!

The scape ID is available in the Whitepoint Authoring Panel: Find your scape listed either in “Personal” or “Team” scapes. Then, look for the number shown in the “scape ID” column. Make a note of it.

The Function for Opening Your Scape Neatly

Here’s the JavaScript function you’ll use:

function WPScapeViewer(param) {“” + param.toString(), ‘_blank’,’width=1000, height=675, resizable=no, scrollbars=no, location=no, menubar=no, status=no, toolbar=no’,”);

Call the Function to Open Your Scape

Use an “onclick” event in an anchor tag. Here’s what that looks like:

<a href=”#” onclick=”WPScapeViewer(XX)”>My Scape Link</a>

Grab that scape ID you jotted down earlier and plug it in for the “XX.”

Linking Up Multiple Scapes

You can call that single function now as many times as you like for a single online gallery, tour, or even multiple scapes. Just have the different scape IDs handy first. Then, exchange them as appropriate. For example:

<a href=”#” onclick=”WPScapeViewer(01)”>Link to Scape ID 01</a>

<a href=”#” onclick=”WPScapeViewer(02)”>Link to Scape ID 02</a>

<a href=”#” onclick=”WPScapeViewer(03)”>Link to Scape ID 03</a>

Can This Be Used With Any Tour or Online Gallery?

This is all done using Whitepoint’s ScapeViewer technology. It’s free for all authors, and helps anyone share their slideshow, online gallery, or tour with desktop users . . . as long as it’s built using the free Whitepoint framework.

You can also download the image shown in this post and make your link a graphic.

If you haven’t become a user of the Whitepoint app or an author of a Whitepoint tour or online gallery, you can get started today.

Matthew White

Matthew White blogs on all things related to virtual tours, mobile touring, and tour apps as well as how they relate to web design, SEO, and content marketing. There is also of course helpful information on using Whitepoint - the framework for smarter virtual touring and mobile-friendly tours.

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