Introducing . . . ScapeViewer!

In addition to viewing scapes on our Android and iOS apps, wouldn’t it be nice if those tours could also be taken by your every day desktop user? According to feedback we’ve received, our users definitely think so. Enter the ScapeViewer ™.

Tours Can Be Viewed On Desktops

Here’s how it works: When a scape is authored on Whitepoint, that scape is available immediately for viewing on our Android app, our iOS app, and anywhere the scape is linked up by the author using our ScapeViewer technology.

And, by “linking up” we mean simply adding to a web site a few lines of code that we provide. It is very simple. No Flash player. No weird add-on software to download. Just basic scripting.

This capability is perfect for real estate tours, office tours, product tours, and different types of support documentation – such as “getting started” guides (read more about those types of uses in our blog entry on Whitepoint as a content management tool).

There will soon be a number of examples of this technology at work, but one of the first uses is in delivering an office tour for a sports medicine and chiropractic facility.

Smarter Virtual Touring

We’re excited about this feature set because it makes Whitepoint an even more flexible and powerful framework. The problem with building what have often been called “virtual tours” up to this point has been the lack of interactivity with material. They’re often boring static lists of images, or in a best case scenario, a Flash presentation. They are usually painstakingly put together, then left alone and seldom – if ever – updated. Any web designer knows that they are a pain to deal with.

Whitepoint, on the other hand, provides an easy vehicle for updating and maintaining scapes – smarter virtual tours. And, when they’re updated, changes are reflected across the board in the different instances – across the apps and in the ScapeViewer implementation.

One change, in one place, is reflected immediately. Everywhere.

Need More Information?

Read more about linking your virtual tour to your web site with ScapeViewer.

Or, just reach out below with your questions.


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