How to Create a Virtual Tour With Whitepoint (Part 1)

How to create a virtual tour - It begins with a good overview image.

How to Create a Virtual Tour With Whitepoint, Step 1: Have a good overview image to introduce your scape. You’ll probably want to plot each of the scenes on your scape.

On this blog, we tend get into the nuts and bolts of virtual tours, mobile-friendly tours, and related topics. It’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture: How to create a virtual tour with Whitepoint.

We’ll assume for the purposes of this blog article that you’ve already selected your subject for your virtual tour.

The first steps in how to create a virtual tour are actually about gathering the necessary content.

1. Have A Good Introductory Image

This can be an overview image – such as an aerial style map or even a graphic that you’ve created. About 900 (wide) x 500 (high) pixels is best.

2. Select Your Scene Images

Whitepoint breaks virtual touring down into scenes – so if your scape is a park for example,  a scene might be the visitor center or a dock at the lake. Again, about 900 x 500 pixels works best.

You’ll have multiple scene images depending on the size of your scape. Go ahead and consider the order in which you want those scenes to appear in your scape.

You’ll be able to plot where these scenes appear on your scape image (number one above) if they are shown there.

3. What About Greater Detail? Whitepoints.

Whitepoints are what enable you to provide greater detail about your scape. You can highlight these as they appear in each of the scene images. So, for our park example above, if the visitor center is a scene, perhaps restrooms, the water fountains, and a concession stand are whitepoints in that visitor center image.

Gather pictures for each of your whitepoints – about 500 x 500 pixels works well. And, be ready to share a couple of sentences to describe each of your whitepoints. You also have an opportunity to provide a related link.

You might want to put a rough outline together of the above and organize your content before logging in to the Whitepoint Authoring Panel.

In Part 2 of How to Create a Virtual Tour With Whitepoint . . .

With good content gathered, we’re well on our way in this first part of How to Create a Virtual Tour With Whitepoint. Next, in part two, we’ll run through the steps involved in logging in to the Authoring Panel and putting that content to good use.

Updated July 28, 2016.

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