How to Build Real Estate Tours For Less

The fact of the matter is that real estate tour technology is still woefully behind.

We’ve received reports at Whitepoint about real estate agents paying thousands of dollars per “virtual tour” per property. That’s fine maybe in the $20 million + range of real estate, but a better end result can be had – for a lot cheaper. More about that in a moment.

Real estate tour expectations have changed.

A real estate tour that is mobile friendly and provides greater detail than past tours is becoming the new standard. How else can a walking or riding tour of area homes accommodate today’s buyer and the extraordinary detail some properties require?

Increasingly, users – specifically, potential real estate buyers – are looking for photo-rich content, and they’re doing it via mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Think about it: The days of opening the newspaper, circling all of the real estate listings, then using that as your guide to go house shopping are over. Buyers are more likely to have mobile devices present while looking for that new home. Or, maybe they don’t even know they’re house hunting when the perfect property magically appears.

How would you go about looking for a new home? You’re reading a blog, and you’re very likely to be reading this blog on a mobile device.

Real Estate Tour Expectations Have Changed

As a result, a real estate tour for mobile is more important than ever. And, by “real estate tour for mobile,” we’re not talking about just another virtual tour. Virtual tours can be problematic for a number of reasons – they may require a plugin for example, or they may be designed for desktops only. That poses problems for the user – your buyer.

The Whitepoint Real Estate Tour Alternative

Real estate agents and even FSBOs can offer a real estate tour of their property using the affordable Whitepoint subscription-based framework. Tours are also simultaneously offered as a desktop-friendly online tour using our ScapeViewer ™ technology.

Authoring a Whitepoint scape – our word for “tour” – requires nothing more than building a virtual tour. And, we provide plenty of resources on building mobile tours with Whitepoint. The first step is getting started with the Whitepoint mobile tour app and authoring technology.

So, you’re not in that $20 million and up crowd, either? Building a mobile friendly real estate tour with the affordable Whitepoint framework makes a lot more sense.

Happy #whitepointing.

Matthew White

Matthew White blogs on all things related to virtual tours, mobile touring, and tour apps as well as how they relate to web design, SEO, and content marketing. There is also of course helpful information on using Whitepoint - the framework for smarter virtual touring and mobile-friendly tours.

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