How Can I Generate Business Using Whitepoint?

Every business is different, and the Whitepoint framework provides a great deal of flexibility in developing and delivering smarter virtual tour content for mobile. Whether it’s a store, product, or training, smarter virtual touring that’s mobile-friendly can probably help.

Generate Business for a Store or Space

Light bulb - find that one idea to generate business.

Looking for that right idea to generate business? Today, smarter virtual touring offers a number of possibilities.

This is the most obvious application, and you can think of Whitepoint as providing the next generation of virtual touring. It’s easy to see how you can generate business with a better view of your store or commercial space. Event rental spaces are a perfect example.

Basically, here’s how it works: You upload pictures of your space and share more in-depth information about what’s in those images. Maybe you wish to highlight a particular feature of your event rental space for example. Click to make the scape active (a scape is what we call any tour or collection of content) and customers or clients can access it using the Whitepoint app or via ScapeViewer for desktop browsers.

Share Smarter Information About a Product

With Whitepoint, you can share meaningful content about a product to help sell it. You control the content and highlight the strengths of the product. Think about that special leather package in a car, for example. You may even want to provide different types of presentations for different customer audiences.

And, just like a virtual tour of a space, click to make the scape live, and customers or clients can access that tour using the Whitepoint app or ScapeViewer for users on desktops.

Training, Support, or Corporate Transparency

Whitepoint enables you to easily share visual information – whether photos or graphics – along with descriptive texts and links. Therefore, Whitepoint is a great vehicle – and alternative to death by Powerpoint – for providing a richer experience that can be more easily accessed across teams and geographies. This is perfect for training on equipment, support of equipment and products, or tours of spaces to which the public doesn’t otherwise have access.

Upload and edit the content, click to make the scape live, and employees, customers, or stakeholders can access that tour using Whitepoint technology from desktop browsers or mobile apps. We also offer private and public access capabilities.

Delivering Your Tour Content

So, what about delivery of your tour content? Once live, the scape is available several ways – and you can use any one or combination of vehicles to provide your content:

  1. On mobile devices: Interested parties can find your content on their phones or tablets using the free Whitepoint app.
  2. From desktops: Using our ScapeViewer technology, you can link to the tour from your web site. We’ll provide you a neat piece of code and the graphic. Got questions? Reach out to us and ask.
  3. From a kiosk or tablet you provide: Onsite, you can provide tablets and/or a kiosk on which the Whitepoint app is running with your scape. You can pretty much spend what you want on any tablets or kiosks. Right now, we suggest Android, because the hardware choices are more plentiful and less expensive. And, here’s an idea: You can even custom brand your own tablets now.

And, don’t forget: When you create and edit content, you do that in one place – from our Authoring Panel online. The content is updated simultaneously across the three delivery vehicles listed above.

That’s right: You edit once and update across the board. Think about that ease of maintenance if someone suggests that your business must have a personally branded native app.

So, go ahead. Get started now with Whitepoint, and happy #whitepointing.

Updated April 28, 2016.

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