Graphics for Linking Online Tours

As mentioned previously, there are many reasons to link to your online tours, photo galleries, and slideshows from your web site. How to do it and whether to use a graphic to snazz it up a bit are the usual questions.

Whitepoint’s strength is as a free framework for building online tours. There are occasions where it is a great answer to other more basic needs as well – such as photo galleries or slideshows.

We’ve posted a graphic or two in the past. We thought we’d provide more here that speak to the different uses that your Whitepoint scapes may be serving: whether online tours, photo galleries, or slideshows.

Online Tours

Image for Whitepoint Online Tours

This free graphic for your online tours is also available by linking to






Photo or Image Galleries

Graphic for Whitepoint Image Gallery

This free graphic for your Whitepoint image gallery can also be linked at







Image for Whitepoint Slideshows

This free graphic for your Whitepoint slideshow can also be accessed by linking to

Linking Your Scape

If you haven’t yet read our blog article on linking multiple scapes from your web site, take a look. It will answer questions you might have about getting it done.

Remember that by linking a scape, you’re providing image rich content to your visitors. Access on mobile devices is great, but richer content on your web site helps means you’re even more likely to get attention. Make sure the link to that content is easy for users to find.

Online tours are one of the best ways to provide an engaging experience for new users. And, with the Whitepoint framework and resources, you don’t have to be a web design guru to make it happen.

Matthew White

Matthew White blogs on all things related to virtual tours, mobile touring, and tour apps as well as how they relate to web design, SEO, and content marketing. There is also of course helpful information on using Whitepoint - the framework for smarter virtual touring and mobile-friendly tours.

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