Don’t Worry. You Don’t Have to Be a Graphics Wizard.

We’ve had questions about making fancy graphics for Whitepoint scapes, because some scape and scene images are cropping up with text on them. And, sometimes they’re otherwise edited for a presentation-suitable style.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or photo editing wizard to author with Whitepoint.

As mentioned in an earlier post about scape and scene tour graphics, images for scapes and scenes usually work best in jpeg (if photos are included) or gif (if it is a pure graphic with fewer colors) formats with dimensions of 950 pixels wide by 550 pixels high.

But, what if you’re not a graphic design genius, and you just want to add some text to your photos? Do you have to buy and learn an expensive, time-consuming graphics program? The answer is no.

There are a number of free and easy-to-use programs that will help you get the job done and make more compelling scape and scene images:

  • Gimp – Best for power users or those with some graphics editing experience.
  • Skitch – Very easy-to-use. Best for very basic graphic manipulation and text editing.
  • Phoxo – Better for beginners and novices. Windows-only.
  • – Built on the old Microsoft Paint platform, so some graphics experience is good. Windows-only.
  • PhotoScape – Windows-only.

And, finally, since the above list was Windows-heavy, one more software package for Mac is worth keeping in mind if you’ll be doing a repeated – but basic – graphics work for your scapes. It does have a small cost though.

  • Acorn 4 – Better for power users on Mac. Not expensive, but not free.

There. That should be enough to keep you busy, huh? If you’ve got an idea of a program you like that isn’t listed here or another method for getting the photo editing job done, please comment or tweet us @WhitepointMobi.

Happy #whitepointing.

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