DIY Whitepoint Kiosk

So, let’s say you’re a gallery, store, museum, or small conference space – by building a Whitepoint scape, you can help people navigate, tour, and learn more about what you offer. Customers view that scape from their home PC or download the Whitepoint app, and – boom goes the dynamite – they’re engaged with your offering.

To take it to the next level and possibly use Whitepoint to generate business, you can offer a kiosk type installation as well. This option would have been immediately ruled out just a few years ago as way too expensive for most budgets. Now, it’s totally doable.

Touchscreen Store Directory or Guided Tour

Imagine a store directory or guided tour available on a stationary tablet.

Right now, we recommend an Android installation – the tablets are more plentiful in variety and tend to be less expensive.

With the latest version of Whitepoint on Android, you can install the app and even save the scape to the device locally. With the data stored on the tablet, this will improve scape performance. Wi-fi will be necessary if you wish to call out to the web for widgets associated with whitepoints, such as links to other resources. However, if you don’t include those links or social media ties, wi-fi is not necessary at all once the scape is saved locally.

You’re paying for the tablet(s) and your tablet mounting or enclosure solution – of which there are many options and combinations. Your total investment could come out to less than $500 easily. You can of course get fancier if you want.

And Then There’s the Big Screen Option

We recently announced the availability of Whitepoint for Google TV. Now, this puts a kiosk style, widescreen installation within reason.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve tested the app on the Sony NSZ-GS7 with specifically good results. Set up was easy and performance has been reliable. This was hooked up to a 40-something inch Samsung at 1080p. The remote that ships with the unit is decent – but for a higher traffic environment, we have a better recommendation . . .

Get a good Android tablet. Download the free Google TV remote app and control the Sony buddy box, Whitepoint app, and TV from there. Once you’ve confirmed that it works satisfactorily, mount it – just as prescribed above.

Just as with the tablet install of the app, you can save scapes locally. Wi-fi connectivity is nice to have though.

In this scenario, you’re paying for the TV and a wall mount – let’s estimate $1000. The tablet and your tablet mounting or enclosure solution would total out at about $300. Your Sony Google TV box is about $200 with an HDMI cable. That brings your total investment to around $1500 for a DIY kiosk solution. Don’t forget to consider where you’re going to mount the TV and remote. You may have a few costs associated with that of course.

All in all, a pretty cool way to make a big impact on a budget. And you can geek out while wearing a tool belt.



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