MIT Celebrates 100 Years Of Its Cambridge Campus

Stata Center Whitepoint tour screenshot

Screenshot from the Whitepoint tour, “100 Years of the East Side,” featuring the striking architecture of the Stata Center and related points of interest.

What do you think of when you think of MIT?

It may not necessarily be history that comes to mind first. But, there’s quite a bit of it on the Cambridge campus.

In fact, the campus opened one hundred years ago in 1916 when MIT relocated from Boston’s Back Bay.

A Virtual Campus Stroll

A recent Whitepoint scape highlights aspects of the campus’ eastside on the occasion of the Cambridge centennial. From Killian Court and the Walker Memorial to the striking Stata Center, images and rich text content walk virtual tourists through the venerable campus.

What really sets this scape apart is the inclusion of widget links to additional photos hosted on Google as well as Vimeo videos. So, not only do visitors get the colorful textual content, they can access relevant multimedia content to enrich the context and their understanding. There really are some interesting aspects to the MIT story that would otherwise be overlooked.

Another Whitepoint Featured Scape

We congratulate everyone involved in the centennial celebration at MIT and are proud to present “100 Years of the East Side” as a featured Whitepoint scape.

As with any Whitepoint scape, the tour is available to anyone on the free Whitepoint app available for both Android and Apple iOS. Just download and search “MIT.”

And of course any school, community, or historical district can offer a smarter tour for their visitors and virtual tourists too – just visit Whitepoint to learn more.

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History Over 88 Acres: The Fort Clark Historic District Tour

Image from Fort Clark Historic District with whitepoint plotted

The Empty Saddle Statue at Cavalry Park, Fort Clark Historic District in Texas. (From the Fort Clark Historic District Whitepoint scape.)

The Fort Clark Historic District, a sprawling 88 acre expanse, is both a U.S. Historic District and on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It has a rich story in terms of the American frontier as well as military history. It’s also known for its architecture and the historic integrity of its site. Needless to say, it’s definitely worth a visit.

And think about it: 88 acres is a large space. Disneyland, for example, is just 85 acres.

Considering Fort Clark’s history goes back to 1852, that means lots of information and photographs. Time tends to generate that kind of stuff.

So Many Tour Stops, So Little Time

If you were taking the self-guided walking tour, it would be a bit of a time investment, and luckily, there are various maps provided on the Friends of Fort Clark Historic District web site.

And, recently the group’s leadership decided to also tackle compiling images of this historic district as a Whitepoint tour for mobile devices.

In their 25+ scene tour for mobile devices, supporters of the Fort Clark Historic District share images and information plotted across the sprawling area. Whether it’s an officer’s club, the post swimming pool, the hospital, or any of the numerous quarters, there’s a photo and certainly a story behind it.

. . . And Another Featured Whitepoint Scape

Fort Clark Historic District scene from above

Scene from the Fort Clark Historic District scape. Two whitepoints are plotted in this scene.

We’re proudly highlighting the Fort Clark Historic District tour for Whitepoint as a featured scape. As with any tour built on the mobile-friendly Whitepoint platform, the Fort Clark Historic District scape is available for viewing on the free Whitepoint app available on Android and Apple iOS.

We look forward to seeing how this tour expands and evolves over time. There is no shortage of material at Fort Clark to work from.

Don’t forget – anyone and any community group can build a historical tour and offer it for mobile devices. Just visit to learn more.

Do you know someone or a historical group that might be interested in sharing more using Whitepoint?

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A Smarter Historical Walking Tour: Olmsted Falls

Olmsted Falls

Screenshot from the Olmsted Falls, OH Whitepoint walking tour.

To be fair, many historical walking tours are also architecture tours and vice versa. A look through the Whitepoint tour built of Olmsted Falls, OH reveals plenty of walking tour options that take visitors through years of history, architecture, and craftsmanship in this little known area of the country.

Like any good walking tour, there’s a little something for everybody.

A Historical Walking Tour First and Foremost

Whitepoint shown for Olmsted Falls, OH - historical walking tour on Whitepoint

A whitepoint from the Olmsted Falls, OH historical walking tour for mobile.

When building a walking tour of any area, one of the challenges of course is determining the size and scope of that tour. For the Olmsted Falls tour however, multiple stages are planned for the visitor – eleven scenes in all for the tour in fact – and this provides plenty of material for visitors and residents to organize their approach to exploring the area.

By arranging it this way, guests can break the tour up over a number of days or separate visits. It’s a smart way to do it, and one that we haven’t seen in other historical walking tours built yet on the Whitepoint platform.

Whitepoint Scene Image - Olmsted Falls

Scene image from the Olmsted Falls historical walking tour on Whitepoint.

From churches to historic homes, craftsmanship and culture, there is plenty to dig into on this tour. Much of the content explores aspects of the area dating from the early 1800’s and all is accessible – and engaging – to both children and adults. It also neatly makes connections between history and current standing structures. By utilizing Whitepoint widgets, the tour’s content and scope could be even further expanded with audio and video if desired.

Another Featured Whitepoint Scape

We’re proud to present the Olmsted Falls, OH Walking Tour as a featured Whitepoint scape. To all involved in constructing this historical walking tour, great job! Engaging texts, good content, and interesting subject matter help make this a truly smarter walking tour. We know students, tourists, and your community are getting new perspectives on your home.

As with any Whitepoint scape, the tour is available to anyone on the free Whitepoint app available for both Android and Apple iOS. And, any community can build a historical walking tour of their home – just visit Whitepoint to learn more.

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A Smarter Walking Tour: Art On The Riverwalk

A river and two hundred years of shipbuilding have helped shape the people and unique identity of Milford, Delaware. Now more people are learning about that identity thanks to artists, students, residents, and some corporate sponsors through their Art on the Riverwalk Tour project.

Walking Tour Scape Image - Art on the Riverwalk Tour

Image from the Milford, Delaware Art on the Riverwalk Tour scape in the Whitepoint tour app. The numbers represent the scene points.

Some years ago, one of the ships that had been built in a Milford shipyard in the early 1900’s was rediscovered. The Augusta was restored and now enjoys a new life as a reminder of Milford’s past and also as a new source of inspiration.

For the town’s Art on the Riverwalk Tour project, eighteen sculptures inspired by the Augusta were created – many by artists and students teaming up – and are now displayed along Milford’s Riverwalk.

The resulting walking tour amid these sculptures, along the river, and through the town is creating new ways for locals and visitors to discover and engage with Milford.

A Featured Whitepoint Scape

We’re proud to present Milford, Delaware’s Art on the Riverwalk Tour as a featured Whitepoint scape.

Walking Tour - Sculpture on Milford, Delaware Art on the Riverwalk Tour

Image from the Milford, Delaware Art on the Riverwalk Tour scape in the Whitepoint tour app. This scene image captures a sculpture by Cathy Walls, with a whitepoint for more information.

This smarter walking tour was arranged with each of the sculptures representing a scene along the Riverwalk tour. The whitepoints – opportunities for visitors to get more detailed information about points along the tour – provide alternate views of the individual sculptures, pictures of the artists, texts about the works and links for more research.

The Art on the Riverwalk Tour is available to all free of charge via the Whitepoint app on iOS and Android, whether visitors are walking the river or just joining the tour virtually from the comfort of home.

To all involved in the Milford, Delaware Art on the Riverwalk project . . . Great work! Cities across the world can learn from your example.

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