A Smarter Virtual Tour App for iPad: Whitepoint 2.1

The next version of the Whitepoint smart tour viewer app for iPad and iPhone is now available in the App Store. Specifically, it looks great on iPad, and the potential for smarter virtual and on-site touring is particularly noticeable in that larger format.

Improvements Over the Previous App for iPad and iPhone

The latest version of the Whitepoint app for iPad and iPhone improves substantially on the layout and stability of the previous (and first!) version. However, there are some noticeable feature enhancements:

  • A grid view of featured scapes – smart tours – on the main screen.
  • A breakdown of available scapes by category – such as museums, travel, real estate, resorts, or educational facilities.

Potential Uses for a Smarter Tour App for iPad

Whitepoint tour app for iPad running on iOS 7.1

Here’s a screenshot of the new Whitepoint tour app for iPad running on iOS 7.1.

As mentioned earlier, the iPad format is particularly promising for self-guided tours of sights, exhibitions, and amusements. Whether an iPad is provided for visitors or they bring their own, it makes a lot of sense for providing more meaningful experiences.

Visitors can of course download the app for iPad or for iPhone and manage the touring completely on their own.

And, if they have an Android phone or Android tablet, that’s OK too. We have them covered with our Android app.

A Future Enhancement

Our Android app already features the “Save Scape” feature – meaning that users can download and save a smart tour to a mobile device rather than rely on a web connection. This is especially helpful in spaces without wifi, poor mobile connectivity, or when crowds bog down connectivity.

Users will see this “save scape” capability soon in our app for iPad and iPhone.

Happy #whitepointing!

Have you used the app for iPad or on an iPhone? Tell us what you think – what you like and what you don’t like.

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