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Whitepoint Your World with our virtual tour software

Whitepoint helps you build and deliver custom smart tours.

Ever wanted to provide a more meaningful look at your campus, inside your retail store or real estate property? Our virtual tour software helps create detail rich tours that are streamlined for both mobile and desktop.

Virtual tours have been around for years, but they no longer provide the depth of content that today's web and mobile users crave. For example, you want to call more attention to specific features in your campus tour or guided walking tour. And, your users are more likely now than ever to be using a mobile device to take your tour. As a result, the virtual tour software platform you choose is now more important than before.

Whitepoint’s virtual tour software makes it easy to share photos and meaningful content about the places and things you care about. But, it’s more than just virtual tour software - think of it as offering your audience a smart tour. Rather than ten photos of a college campus, for example, you can highlight all of the aspects of the campus that make it unique. You can arrange the photos into scenes in a point of view perspective tour of the campus. You can call out those details that matter most in your tour, including navigational or historical information.

Like Having Your Own Tour App, But Easier.

You share your tour with others via the free Whitepoint app, available for Android and iOS. You can also link to your smart tour - or scape, as we call it - from a web site. This is done using Whitepoint's ScapeViewer ™ technology - scapes can be linked from web sites and viewed just as easily from a browser in desktop format.

There is even a ScapeViewer for WordPress plugin that helps you easily link up your tour from a WordPress web site.

Whether you're looking for an effective alternative to self-guided tours for a museum or gallery or just wanting to document your personal guitar collection, Whitepoint’s virtual tour software addresses the shift in the way people share and consume information. You can now easily create intelligent representations of spaces and the things in them, while providing opportunities to better engage your audience.

And, forget the hassle of building and managing a separate tour app in-house. The Whitepoint virtual tour software acts as a tour content management system that helps you quickly build your tour and reap the benefits. Basic Authoring as well as expanded Premier Authoring plans are available to meet all tour needs.

Take a Tour or Build One Today With Our Virtual Tour Software

You can download the Android or iOS app today to become a user. This will enable you to view scapes - neatly arranged smart tours of places and things. The app is free.

And, Whitepoint now offers ScapeViewer ™ technology - scapes can be linked from web sites and viewed just as easily from a browser in desktop format.

The heart of our virtual tour software that is our Authoring Panel. When you're ready to build a scape, just start an account. Want to see how it works first? Take a look at our YouTube tutorials to see how easy it is to build your smarter virtual tour. Also, our help documentation can guide you through the steps in getting started.

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