Whitepoint Tour of Grand Central

Whitepoint: The Smarter Virtual Tour App.

Whitepoint authors - like yourself - build tours with text and images and deliver those tours to users in the free Whitepoint virtual tour app.

Authors can build and update virtual tours using our online authoring panel. Those same tours are available via desktop simultaneously as well. On WordPress sites, smart tours can be posted easily by using the ScapeViewer for WordPress plugin.

It's never been easier to build and deliver a virtual tour that is smarter and mobile-friendly. Build your tour. Then, deliver your tour via the free Whitepoint virtual tour app. That's it. And, even better, you update your tour once, and it's updated simultaneously across iOS, Android, and desktop users that access your tour.

The Whitepoint Virtual Tour App Makes Your Virtual Tour Smarter and More Engaging.

One aspect that makes a Whitepoint smart tour unique is the convenient framework for organizing information into three tiers: Scapes, scenes, and whitepoints.

Your local market or grocery store could be organized in this way:

The store would be the scape. The bakery and the deli counter would be scenes. Cakes in the bakery or sandwiches at the deli counter would be whitepoints.

Grand Central Virtual Tour App

The same logic applies to other places or things. Consider a subway map:

Consider also an airport terminal, museum, gallery, house, or hotel.

But, what about something smaller? How about a bicycle?

Ultimately, Whitepoint gives authors the freedom to identify scapes and decide how detailed the information is that they share. That's one way a smart tour built with Whitepoint differs from just another free virtual tour.

So, How Do You Become a User or Tour Author?

Downloading the free app for iOS and Android enables you to view scapes on your mobile device.

Authoring is open to everyone. You can become an author right now or find out more about getting started with authoring in our help documentation. You don't have to be an app developer, and you don't have to develop separate apps for iOS and Android.


Free? What Exactly Do You Mean By "Free Virtual Tour?"

Want to know more before your sign up to create and deliver your virtual tour? Just reach out and say hello.